Say "I Do" to the venue

By: High Society Creations, Marita & Philomena

Having a venue, sometimes referred to as the place, spot or site for an organized event is absolutely imperative. You can’t start the full planning of your event without a space to hold it in. Our combined experience at High Society Creations has allowed us to work and plan events in venues of all shapes and sizes throughout Toronto.



•Banquet Halls

•Sports Stadiums

After many site visits, we know from experience that what works for some does not always work for others. That’s why its important to find what’s perfect for you! Asking the right questions while on site visits can really help you narrow down your search. Below are some points to help you on your journey to saying “I Do” to the right venue.

Are You Available?

All things need to be considered when discussing availability. Trust us, this goes beyond securing an empty slot on a calendar.

  • Is the date I want available in their calendar?

If not, consider other venues or moving the date of your event.

  • Will other wedding parties or events be held on the same day as my event in that venue?

This is specific to venues with multiple rooms for rent.

•You may want to inquire about the cost to book the entire venue, but this could exceed your initial budget.

  • What time can your event be held?

Consider all things such as loading in, setting up and tearing down.

•It may cost an extra fee but consider paying for an extended time frame (where available) to extend the time allowed in the venue.

  • Is the venue versatile enough to accommodate your ceremony and reception?

This can help you save on extra fees such as transportation between an offsite ceremonial space and the reception space.

Perfectly Planned

Some venues are simply just a space, so you will need to draw up a blueprint of your vision. Many will love this as it allows their creative juices and energy to flow. Ask for look-books or log onto the venue website to see what the venue may or may not offer. Get to know the extent of your potential venue through the services they provide:

  • Can your vision truly be brought to life in this space?

  • Are there any Wedding & Special Event packages available?

What services are included?

•Are there any extra fees?

  • Is there a preferred vendor list that offers various services?

Service staff



•Florals arrangements


•Audio visual & sound

Keep Calm & Hire a Planner

You may be at a place of deciding whether you want to hire an event planner or not. Do you have a go-to planner that you have worked with in the past? Or, were you referred to one by a family member or friend that has a great experience on their event? Check with your prospective venue and decide on the route you wish to take with hiring a planner for your event.

  • Is there an onsite event team that’s well-versed in all the wedding/ Special Event details that you require from the venue?

If yes, this may save you the trouble of sourcing an external planner if you didn’t have one lined up already.

If not, hire an event planner who will oversee the process from beginning to end and work closely with the venue.

•FYI, a Venue Coordinator and an Event Planner are not to be confused as the same. They work together for the betterment of your day.

  • Who will be onsite and represent the venue on the day of the event to handle any issues or questions that may arise?

•This is helpful if there are any discrepancies in the contract with what was planned and what is being executed on the day of.

Let’s Talk Logistics

No question is off limits when securing the venue of your dreams. You want to make sure that all your needs, including those of your guests, will be met.

  • What is their inclement weather plan for outdoor events?

  • Can the venue accommodate your guest count?

  • Is the venue wheelchair accessible?

  • What is the parking situation?

  • Are there extra rooms available to hold important items or special guests of the event?

Green rooms

•Bridal suites

•Nursing space

  • What can and cannot be done to the space?

Can you light real candles?

•Are adhesives allowed on the walls to hang things?

  • How many restrooms including family rooms are available?

•Are they listed by gender or gender neutral?

Show Me the Money!

Of course, the above questions don’t matter much if the venue doesn’t fit within your budget. Avoid disappointment and surprise fees by inquiring the following:

  • How much does the venue cost?

Do prices differ based on the day of the week or holidays?

•What extra costs can you expect?

•Is there a cleaning fee?

  • What price does each package start from?

  • What are the deposit guidelines?

What percentage is due upfront?

•If cancelled, will the deposit be returned without hassle?

It may seem like an extensive list to reference when making your selection. Believe it or not, the inquiry list of questions can be endless when searching for the right venue. Sites like Event Source offer a wide selection of venues for you to consider, and can help you narrow down that search. Take your time, do you due diligence and have a great event.

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