Queens Are Born in July

By: Marita and Philomena, High Society Creations

Good ol’ July! the seventh month of the year appearing on the calendar between the months of June and August. As the pinnacle of summer and all its wonderfulness, July is a prime time for family vacations. However, we can’t forget the abundance of food festivals, funfairs and Caribbean carnivals around the world, in places such as St Vincent, St. Lucia and right here at home in Toronto.

A few fun facts for all the July babies reading this blog:

· July was named after Roman Dictator Julius Caesar

· Birthstone: Ruby

· Birth flower: Water Lily

· Zodiac signs: Cancer & Leo.

The most important fact of them all… You share the same birth month as us! The ladies of High Society Creations.

Yes, Covid-19 may have definitely put a damper on birthday celebrations due to social distancing and quarantine protocols. Many, like us, have resorted to unique, yet intimate ways to celebrate, all while staying safe for the benefit of ourselves and loved ones.

This year, as we each welcome a new milestone we also look forward to a time where we can get back to celebratory moments filled with party decor, more birthday wishes and a larger gathering of loved ones. Until then, take a look at how the ladies of High Society have celebrated in the past…



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