MOM-preneur (Mom(s) don't quit your day dream)

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

By: Marita McMillan, Co-founder of High Society Creations


As a parent you’re consistently reminded that nothing is about you anymore, it’s all about your kid(s). Parent’s everywhere work hard to provide for their children; however, single parents can find themselves having to work a bit harder.

Pre-mommy hood, I started my journey in the events sector back in 2008. I wanted a chance to elevate my career but I always felt I was being held back or not given the opportunities to do so. On paper I wasn’t appealing to the average employer but I was certain that my work ethic could prove otherwise. I felt defeated, accepted “no” as my reality, and I became comfortable in the negative position I was in.

After a stagnant 6 years, enough was enough – I was fed up and unhappy with where I was in my life and career. I had a heartfelt conversation with the person who knew me and my heart’s desires best – GOD! I wanted to be removed from the position in life that I was in. Here’s a tip – If you believe in prayer, be intentional with what you ask for, otherwise be open to what GOD sends your way. My prayers were said from a place of desperation. They were vague and not specific. I just wanted something different than my current circumstance. What I asked for was delivered in the form of a baby. At the time it felt like an unexpected blow, but in actuality it was a blessing in disguise. I look back and realize the situation forced me to get my shit together – zero excuses. Now I proudly add mom to my resume.

As I transitioned into my new role, I found myself in the position of being a single parent. In the early days, I constantly asked myself “now what?” Planning events was still the desire, but now I had a baby and even more responsibilities. Being accountable for a whole baby is no joke. The pressure was on, and still no one wanted to give me an opportunity in the field I desired to be a part of.

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Let me tell you, that’s on PERIODT! With the push from my village, I went back to school. It was far from easy, but I stayed the course, equipped myself with the knowledge I needed, and graduated on time. The journey was well underway to making my event planning dreams a reality. Along this journey I had an “aha” moment – not only could I work in the field, but I could also establish my own entrepreneurial identity.

After graduation I finally “looked good on paper”, and secured a corporate position in the events sector. It’s been 3 years and counting. While I love working in the corporate world, and constantly learning new things, there’s been a nagging desire to fulfill my entrepreneurial goals. Since those days of being discontent with my circumstance, I’ve been blessed to add so much to my resume... I figured, why not add “Mom-preneur” to the mix?!

I excitedly reached out to Philomena, a key part of my village and a well-established events professional, to gauge her interest in becoming business partners. Her response was NOT what I expected…..

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