Keep Calm and Hire a Planner

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

By: Philomena & Marita, High Society Creations

Last month we attended a venue open house where we were able to cross paths with other industry professionals. This event was a welcomed opportunity to meet others who are doing amazing things as photographers, musicians, décor companies and other artistic professionals.

We enjoy occasions where we can organically network and expand our reach within the creative world. It is impossible to predict when, or how, genuine vendor relationships will come in handy. By expanding our network and showcasing our talents, we equip others with the ability to possibly refer us to our next client.

While striking up conversation with a fellow event planner, we were presented with the question “In your experience, what do you find interesting thus far within the industry?” Well the answer was easy… People still think they don’t need a planner for their wedding or special event.

There is so much benefit to having a planner. Unfortunately, people focus on the extra dollar sign attached to the event, and fail to appreciate the one less panic attack they will have to endure.

When all is said and done, many people have regretted not hiring a planner. We often hear statements such as “If I had opted for a planner, I would have been able to enjoy my event so much more”.

Sometimes it take a little nudge from others to help you see the light. We love it when friends and family of event organizers become walking advertisements for event planners – especially after seeing the wonders a planner has done for them personally, or at an event they’ve attended.

Aside from helping you pick out coloured napkins for the place settings, or stay on track with your budget, your event professional is there to plan and coordinate the small details you probably wouldn’t have thought of.

For instance, did you select the open bar package at the venue for your guests? Did you consider having a late-night food table to assist your guests with soaking up the alcohol? Or how about acquiring a ride share discount or taxi chits to get all of your guests to their final destination, safe and sound?

Hiring an event professional will grant you peace of mind, as you get to task them with the responsibility of seamlessly keeping things moving. Let’s not disregard the amount of unexpected fires your planner will be putting out prior to, and throughout the event, without you even knowing:

· The event set up is running behind schedule!

· Wait. What? Guests who failed to RSVP are suddenly showing up!

· Quick, track down the DJ! The reception is about to get underway.

“Marita & Philomena, I want to thank you for everything you have done to make the wedding go smoothly. You both were fantastic! Your professionalism, calmness, and friendly attitude is something my friends and family can’t stop talking about. As you know I was oblivious to a lot of things that happened that night which speaks volumes to a job well done by both of you.”

- E & I, Summer Wedding 2019

There is an event planner for any and all occasions. One size does not fit all. You have options! You can hire someone to plan your event from start to finish. Another option is to only leverage a planner for the month of the event. Or if suitable, you can hire a planner to coordinate the event on the day itself.

Whatever your choice, know that hiring an event planner is money well spent. You’ll get to create fond memories and actually enjoy your big event with no interruptions.

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