I’m Having an Event and You’re Not Invited

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

By: Marita and Philomena, High Society Creations

June is here! A month of bluer skies, delicious ice cream, and the first days of summer. Fun fact: the month of June is named after Juno, the Roman goddess of marriage. It’s said that those who married in June would be blessed with prosperity and happiness. So, it’s no coincidence that by this time of the year, we’re typically in the full swing of wedding season, bridal showers, family reunions, backyard BBQ's, baby showers and so much more!

Unfortunately, the year 2020 has other plans. The marital month of June is not business as usual. Event venues everywhere are looking at vacant weekends in their schedules from May through October. Sporting events have been put on hold with leagues like the NBA, NHL and MLS postponing all games for an indefinite period. Likewise, concerts, festivals and carnivals have been cancelled worldwide until further notice.

“Normal” as we know it in the Events world is on pause. Some are optimistic that by this coming Fall we will be easing our way back into gatherings, as many have postponed their celebratory occasions to September/October. Others estimate Spring 2021 as a realistic target, as it will be 1 full year since COVID-19 forced us into quarantine.

Irrespective of when the green light is given, the big question is: what will events look like post COVID-19? How will the Events world level up to what will possibly be the “New Normal” moving forward?

Corporations will lean heavily on the virtual world

  • With international travel having restrictions, annual conferences may only be able to host local employees while relying on networks such as Zoom and Skype to reach regional offices.

  • Coordinated events such as team building, executive retreats and product launches will see less in-person interaction and continue using digital platforms to deliver on all organizational needs.

  • Annual socials such as staff BBQ's and holiday parties will most likely be put on hold indefinitely until the coast is clear.

Special events will continue to pivot and embrace new trends

  • Virtual ceremonies may continue for non-immediate family and friends, and loved ones from out of town who don’t wish to take non-essential trips.

  • Say goodbye to the “plus one box" on future invitations. Where gatherings are permitted, guest counts may be capped to a lower amount than we’re used to. Concurrently, couples will be inclined to gravitate towards the cozy and intimate trends that have emerged as a result of the pandemic.

  • The last time you visited a buffet was probably your LAST time. Once dining returns to a full service standard, plated service or prepackaged bites may be your only option. Note, increasing the event budget for staff will be a necessary accommodation to make for non-buffet service.

  • How about some unique party favours for thought? Yes, you guessed it, personalized hand sanitizers and face masks are a thing.

While we can only continue to guess what future trends will look like in the Events sector post quarantine, one thing is for sure, the Events industry will indeed make a roaring comeback.

Make no mistake, it will be a busy time for clients and vendors alike. Dates into the end of 2021 and onwards to 2022… yes, 2022, have already seen an uptake in bookings. Vendors are reserving dates two years out! It may sound crazy, but it’s very true.

We at High Society Creations, look forward to reuniting with all of our clients and bringing their event visions to life. Until then, stay inside, wash your hands and take care of each other.

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