Droppin' Bad Habits

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

By: Philomena & Marita, High Society Creations

Special Events, along with the rest of the Hospitality industry has experienced major setbacks due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We know event planners everywhere who have been working hard to calm their clients and reassure them that their events will happen. Whether it be at a later date, or in an alternative way, the party will go on. Despite the uncertainty that lies ahead, we are confident that the events sector will eventually be back and better than ever.

So much will have changed by the time the green light is given on the commencement of events. New trends will have emerged, and given the downtime we have experienced, more design and detail will likely have found its way into the planning stages of an event.

When that time does arrive and we can move forward with events again, here a few event BAD HABITS that we feel should be eliminated, just like this pandemic:

  • Be on time Remember, you are an invited guest. No one should walk down the aisle after the bride and no host should have to start the party with an empty room.

  • Leave the photography to the hired professionals Standing in the aisles to take pictures at a wedding can be a distraction to other guests, and prevent photographers from being able to capture special moments.

  • Pick another colour Wearing white to someone else's wedding has always been a valid debate. Here at High Society Creations, we believe, unless requested by the bride and groom, pick a different colour – there are so many to choose from. We’re sure you’d look gorgeous in any one of them.

  • Uninvited guests – Every meal, parting gift and budget has been carefully designed and double checked to accommodate those on the guest list. A special event is not a causal party. You can’t just drop in. Give the host(s) their due respect. Don't be a party crasher.

  • Irresponsible vendors Align your goals with those of your client. Be on time, fulfill your end of the contract and be professional throughout the entire process. Clients are counting on you to ensure their event is a success.

  • Support, not stress Dear friends and family, please support all of the decisions your loved ones make – be it venue, colour scheme, theme, design, etc. Don’t make the process more stressful than it needs to be. Remember, friendly suggestions are very different than taking control and bashing ideas.

  • Keep it classy You might be surprised to learn, take-away containers for the buffet have become a ‘don’t leave home without it ‘ staple. Dear guests of the party, please refrain from thinking about tomorrow’s lunch before everyone has had a chance to eat tonight's dinner.

  • Obey the rules of the venue It’s amazing to have that go-to venue that meets all your needs for every event worthy occasion. The key to maintaining those connections is very is simple – respect the relationship and the venue itself. Read all the contract guidelines and don’t undermine the rules. Everything is put in place for the safety and comfort of you and your guests.

With the elimination of these habits, we’ll all be better guests, vendors or clients in the not too distant future.

Like you, we at High Society Creations look forward to when we can all safely participate in celebratory occasions once again. Until then, take a look at some of the creative ways people are marrying during this unique time. Feel free to click on each photo to see more!

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