Dealing With Difficult Clients At Their Events

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

As an entrepreneur, when people set out on their journey they tend to focus on the success that awaits them. More often than not, they forget about the challenges they’ll undoubtedly face. What if we told you that challenges breed success? Overcoming the difficulties make the wins that much sweeter in the end.

Obstacles come in all shapes and forms. They’re especially prevalent when you’re trying to level up and actualize your great potential. We have experienced a handful of obstacles while navigating the world of event planning:

· Acquiring new business

· Unprofessional vendors

· Unhappy clients

· Last minute additions

· Sudden changes

Based on our experiences, we’ve come to always expect the unexpected. Its crazy to think that as professional planners we can never plan enough. We’ve conditioned ourselves to always be prepared. It is a guarantee that something is going to come up; and it will be something we’re not expecting. However, our ability to pivot at any given moment is what keeps things moving forward. This we pride ourselves on. In addition to pivoting on a whim, we have a few other helpful tactics to guide us along the way:

Have Patience – Your client hired you for a reason. Things will deviate from the game plan, but showcase your talents by remaining calm and practical in the toughest of situations.

Never Lose Your Cool – You next potential client is watching your every move. Don’t allow something temporary to cause you to miss out on a future business opportunity.

Don’t Take Things Personal – What others do is not a reflection of you. A small hiccup at an event is an opportunity for you to build tough skin, and shine as a solution oriented individual.

Remain Professional – Working with a challenging client or alongside a difficult vendor is not easy. Remember the common goal is a successful event. Communicate effectively, be respectful, and document everything as it will protect you in worst-case scenarios.

Cut the Cord Early – Look beyond the money and remember the morals, values and integrity that you and your brand possess. If things seem shaky from the beginning and show no signs of evolving into a successful business venture, then it’s more than okay to say no.

Entrepreneurial challenges are unavoidable. No one enjoys them but with every trial you overcome, you also become more. More knowledgeable, more seasoned, more proficient, more resilient, and more of the BOSS you aspire to be.

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